Project Description

Cluj-Napoca | Network of 100 parking kiosks


Strada Evolution parking meters installed in 2019

Information about the project

At the beginning of last year, fastPark installed in Cluj-Napoca a network of 100 Strada Evolution parking meters produced by Flowbird.

With this investment, Cluj-Napoca joins the big cities of the world that have chosen similar solutions: New York (14,467 equipment), Paris (7,830), Chicago (4,478), Rome (2,485), Amsterdam, Madrid, Warsaw (1,690), Milan, Brussels, Stockolm, Strasbourg, Prague (803), Moscow, Melbourne, Krakow (471), Dublin, Oslo, Budapest (207).

Challenge vs. Solution

In September 2018, the municipality of Cluj-Napoca, through the Public Service of Local Interest for Parking Administration, assigned the contract based on the public bidding.

The municipality wanted an on-street parking solution that would generate a more efficient collection of the parking fee, an increase of the community income and a reduction of traffic in the crowded areas.

Economical and eco-friendly

The 100 parking meters operate autonomously, being powered only by solar energy, but also by a battery system that ensures independent functionality 24 hours a day, through its own system of charging and optimizing consumption, including during winter.

Flexible and scalable

The parking meters accept coins, contactless bank cards and prepaid cards as payment methods. Due to the scalable architecture, they can be upgraded to allow payments with chip card, color screens for tourist information, payment of electric car charging stations. Later, after an operating stage, other modules can be added as upgrades, depending on the needs of the area in which they are located. The network can be expanded with other Parkeon parking meters  in different configurations, with sensors, devices and systems of the fastpark ecosystem.

Easy to maintain

The equipment is monitored 24/7/365 including from our dispatcher. Most of the situations that arise are solved from the backoffice, and this translates into a quick fix, without the need to send people on the ground. Due to the modular architecture, most of the parts are changed on the ground, and the commissioning is done quickly. Therefore, the period of use is reduced to the maximum.

Parking Technology

All the components inside the parking meters are manufactured by Flowbird or they control 100% the software on them which translates into a very high system stability, with only one contact point that can solve any problem related to the parking meters. For example, contactless payment terminals are Flowbird technology and have been integrated to work with a bank in Romania. Therefore, the classic case in which a payment terminal is installed that can generate communication problems, is eliminated.

In August 2019, the smart parking project was expanded with two off-street parking with LPR access.


  • Efficient collection of parking fees by introducing a new payment method
  • Generating additional income for the community
  • Significant reduction of the failure periods of the parking meters
  • Possibility to expand and improve the parking ecosystem throughout the city
  • User satisfaction for using the latest technologies
  • Improving the experience of drivers

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