Project Description

Perth Public Transport Authority provides integrated Park and Ride for SmartRider patrons.


Transactions per day
of all transactions performed during 3 hours’ time span

In 2014, as an extension to the already established SmartRider public transport system, the Perth Public Transport Authority provided 53 train stations with 150 Flowbird Strada parking terminals.
These terminals, equipped with contactless technology, accept the SmartRider (transport) card for the deduction of the parking fee and provide a fully integrated Park and Ride ticketing solution for SmartRider patrons.

Today, the terminals are handling 18000+ transactions every day, 90% of which occur on average within a three hour time span.

Transactions are processed quickly thanks to an integrated transportation and parking back office solution, which provides seamless settlement and enforcement functionality and enables the fast throughput of passengers at peak times to join with Transperth services.

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