From contactless EMV to new retail platforms and cloud-based back office architectures, Parkeon Transportation is leading the way in developing digital systems that create value for transport operators and improve the experience of their customers.

The award-winning company is the preferred retailing and real-time systems partner for public transport operators around the world and will be presenting its digital systems pathway at Transport Ticketing Global (London, January 22-23) to help multi-modal networks move towards ‘frictionless’ travel.

“Contactless is just the beginning of the digital revolution,” says Gavin Trimnell, Parkeon Transportation’s Head of Sales and Marketing.

“We’re now working on new architectures that will make ticket retailing truly seamless for end users through fully integrated platforms capable of bundling apps, payment options and automatic ‘best-fare’ functionality into one holistic solution.

“This will not only make multi-modal travel easier for individuals than ever before, with the environmental benefits that this brings, it will also enable them to tailor the services they receive to meet their specific preferences, for example through account-based ticketing and personalised travel information.”

In addition, Parkeon’s digital pathway for transport operators will integrate back office, payments, hosting and inspection requirements while simultaneously providing bespoke analytics to sharpen marketing activity and improve scheduling decisions…helping organisations to become even more customer-centric.

Says Gavin Trimnell: “Public transport operators are on a journey that will enable their customers to access services more easily using digital transactions married to real-time and personalised information. The use of EMV, open payments and account-based systems alongside cloud-enabled management architectures represents just the beginning of a journey that will transform the way we experience travel.”

Parkeon’s recent successes include:

  • Parkeon Transportation has upgraded Edinburgh Trams’ 51 ticketing terminals to accept contactless debit and credit cards, along with Apple Pay and Android Pay, to meet the evolving needs of users. Contactless payments on the service reached 50% of all terminal-based transactions just two weeks after going live. 
  • Customers travelling on Lothian Buses’ Airlink 100 service between Edinburgh city centre and Edinburgh Airport can now pay for their fare using contactless technology provided by Parkeon. The system is fitted to Lothian’s brand new fleet of Airlink buses, and is a first for the city, providing customers with a quick and convenient payment option. All major contactless payment cards can be used, as well as Apple Pay and Android Pay.
  • Parkeon is consolidating its technology leadership in Europe and beyond. In Avignon (France) and Nouméa (the capital of the South Pacific French territory New Caledonia), projects are underway that will deliver full multi-modal, multi-operator technologies, including contactless ticketing and payments, account-based ticketing and mobile applications. The contracts cover hardware systems – self-service retail devices, driver consoles, validators, POS and handheld units – and complete software support.
  • Parkeon is expanding its systems integration capability into on-vehicle surveillance, working with transport operators to introduce the latest DVR technology to augment passenger safety and asset security. Parkeon has created a partnership with technology provider Timespace and will be using its extensive systems experience and nationwide support network to bring a fresh offer to the market.
  • Work has started on the roll-out of the largest UK rail contract since privatisation covering self-service ticket machines. Arriva UK Trains has signed a framework agreement with Parkeon, which will see the installation of over 700 TVMs – including 35 award-winning RetailWall® systems – across the Northern and Chiltern Railways
  • Parkeon engineers are currently working on one of Europe’s most advanced multi-modal ticketing systems as part of a major public transport infrastructure investment in Northern Ireland. The programme will include the delivery of a modernised ticketing system, including contactless payment technologies, to transform the travel experience of Translink passengers and boost the number of people using public transport.