Visit Flowbird Transport Intelligence at SMARTEX TCF18 (Manchester, September 25-26) to see how the company’s systems are helping to realise the potential of smart transport technology.

Experts from Flowbird, a global technology partner with multimodal networks around the world, will be describing how digital innovations in retail platforms and cloud-based back office architectures can generate value for operators and enhance the customer experience.

The company, formed from the merger of Parkeon with Cale, is at the forefront of transportation hardware, software and mobile app development – and recently rolled out the ticket retailing system for Translink’s Glider bus rapid transit system. Flowbird also installed 114 self-service retail units at halts along the network, supplied 230 platform validators and provided 45 handheld inspection devices.

Gavin Trimnell, Head of Sales and Marketing at Flowbird, said: “Digital technology developed by Flowbird has the potential to transform the passenger experience and create value for operators through new retail platforms and cloud-based back office architectures. We look forward to sharing information about our digital pathways at TCF18.”

Flowbird’s expertise includes:

  • Open Payments & Account Based Ticketing – from contactless EMV and mobile payments to ID-based transactions
  • Retailing Solutions – on-and-off vehicle retailing systems that optimise operator value and transform the customer experience
  • On-board Surveillance – integrated on-vehicle CCTV technology for asset protection and passenger safety
  • Analytics & Big Data – systems analysis and real-time journey monitoring
  • Delivery & Support Services – front line expertise and scalable back-office platforms
  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS) – bringing the vision of shared, on-demand transportation networks to life

The company’s solutions are at the heart of rail, bus, ferry and tram projects in the UK, in Europe and beyond, including London, Helsinki, Brussels, Algeria, Edinburgh and Perth in Australia.