The credit card as a transport ticket, a strategic challenge for the cities of tomorrow… starting today!

Developing, making it easier and more efficient to use public transport is essential for communities, in many ways. Simplify access, in complete safety for the city, such as for users, is probably the first of the objectives. Thanks to its innovative solution Open-Payment, Flowbird anticipates and supports new uses, confirming thus its leading position in terms of urban mobility around the world.

Open-payment, a key to the future for public transport.

Whether in the light of an environmental issue, due to the urban densification, or in response to changing uses, city decision-makers can no longer make the impasse on the development of public transport in their reflection on public transport policy urban mobility. Facilitating access and use therefore becomes a major challenge. Optimize the customer journey, which is now time consuming and too complex, is an objective that is fully met the open-payment solution.

A virtuous circle for the benefit of all.

Users, operators and conurbations… By making our bank card a transport ticket, open-payment allows shared benefits. For users, it is access to transport without constraints (ease, speed, fluidity, better guaranteed fare, etc.); for operators, it is the advantage of payment and ticketing unification (lower costs due to the abolition of transport tickets, increased ridership through ease of use, reduced fraud, etc.). Finally, for urban areas, it means above all placing innovation at the heart of the city and responding effectively the expectations of the population and the challenges of attractiveness, access for all and evolution of use.

Open-payment by Flowbird, an innovative solution.

By offering tailor-made solutions, adapting to the diversity of existing public transport environments, Flowbird technology allows the implementation of open-payment on any system, from the “module” option when installing a complete solution. “By proposing three possible variations, we allow an implementation in all systems, up to the parking relay” confirms François Mottet, Head of Product Strategy at Flowbird. “In addition, our solutions are designed to for use with the main existing schemes: CB, Visa and Mastercard, for a full compatibility with each potentially usable payment method. A key point for an efficiency of use, which only Flowbird offers today” he continues.

The Open-payment by Flowbird solution is already popular throughout the world, and in particular in France, England, Australia and North America.

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