Parkeon Transportation is expanding its systems integration capability into on-vehicle surveillance.

CCTV specialist Anthony O’Brien has joined the company and will be working with bus customers to introduce the latest DVR technology to augment passenger safety and asset security. Parkeon has created a partnership with technology provider Timespace and will be using its extensive systems experience and nationwide support network to bring a fresh offer to the market.

“Our systems expertise means we are ideally placed to expand our on-board digital integration to include CCTV, ensuring that all technologies ‘talk’ to each other to deliver the reliable, high quality, energy efficient and cost effective performance operators require,” says Anthony O’Brien.

Using the latest DVR technology, Parkeon CCTV systems simultaneously record key data along with hi-definition imagery, while offering live view connectivity.

Parkeon surveillance systems communicate with depot-based shared wireless networks, and include an operator-user interface that integrates legacy technology via a single application. This ensures that video from every source can be requested, reviewed and prepared as evidence packages through a common process.

“Parkeon CCTV systems are designed and built to the highest specifications and provide the latest video capture technology, along with 1TB of storage, the equivalent to one month’s data,” says Anthony O’Brien. “We also provide health check reporting, including camera faults or masked images, to help maintain system integrity for customers at a time when security has never been so high on the transportation industry’s agenda.”

All CCTV operations, including on-bus and depot infrastructure, are supported by Parkeon through a service level agreement, with 24/7 access to a national network of 80 specialist technicians and maintenance engineers.