Crolles, Isère, (France), November 17, 2021, 6:00 p.m. – TERA Group (FR0013429404 – ALGTR), a major player in real-time air quality analysis, measurement and valorization, announces a strategic and commercial partnership with Flowbird.

The partnership aims to improve Flowbird’s Park&Breathe urban pollution measurement solution by integrating TERA Group’s NextPM sensors for fine particles. This operation is part of a strategy to improve the urban environment. The combination of the two partners’ expertise will offer a relevant axis of progress and concrete tools to help public decision-makers to act.

As a leader in urban mobility, Flowbird is committed to creating the city of tomorrow. With its transportation and parking solutions, Flowbird optimizes mobility in more than 4,350 cities in 80 countries, including the megacities of New York, Hong Kong and, more recently, the Principality of Monaco. In constant cooperation with local authorities, Flowbird helps to make life easier and more environmentally friendly for city dwellers.

Flowbird offers multi-sensor kits in parking meters, so that cities can better understand and act with reliable data collected at human level, by offering relevant indicators close to the citizens, through efficient supervision and decision support tools. Thanks to these sensor networks, cities will be able to measure locally and act globally in order to offer a more pleasant living environment to users.

Pascal Kaluzny, Chairman and CEO of TERA Group, said: “We are particularly pleased to have been selected by Flowbird, a global player in urban mobility and Smart City committed to making cities safer and economically sustainable. The conclusion of this partnership demonstrates, once again, the quality of the NextPM sensor technology, which stands out for its unique technical characteristics on many levels, such as dimensions, reliability, robustness and lifespan. This collaboration allows us to position ourselves in the fast-growing market of equipment for Smart Cities, whose technologies must respond to environmental challenges.

Jérôme Stefanello, Director of Mobility Services for the Flowbird Group, adds: “We are very pleased to integrate the TERA Group’s sensors, which are renowned for their technological excellence. This device will also allow us to collect data on air quality that will be used to improve the living environment of city dwellers. Our ambition is to develop innovative services for decision-makers in cities. They will thus be able to define action plans and measure their effectiveness in concrete terms, while at the same time being fully involved in Urban Intelligence.

Next financial publication: annual results 2021, April 29, 2022 after market close.

From left to right: Etienne de Vanssay – President FIMEA / Pascal Kaluzny – President TERA Group / Jérome Stefanello – Director Mobility Services FLOWBIRD & Moderator of the round table / Bertrand Barthelemy – President FLOWBIRD Group