Flowbird is a new entity embracing the innovative technologies developed by Parkeon Transportation to help towns and cities around the world meet ever more complex challenges.

We do this by providing completely scalable systems that enable transit authorities and operators of every size to develop public transport networks that make life better for people, more productive for businesses and more sustainable for the environment. Our mission is to make it easier, safer and quicker for people to access and use public transport and to provide operators with the tools and information they need to serve their customers better.

In short, to make journeys easier.


Around the world, through our offices in the UK, France, USA and Australia, the Flowbird way of working is underpinned by strong ethical values. These values define who we are as a business and how we act – and provide the direction and sense of common purpose to ensure we are doing the right thing in the right way.


Around the world, around the clock, our world-class multi-modal solutions meet the needs of transport authorities, operators and communities. We are harnessing the power of the digital age to meet the challenges of urbanisation, applying technological solutions to make life better.


Our partnership with our customers, colleagues and suppliers – allied to continuous investment in research and development – helps ensure that our innovations deliver value for our customers, for our customer’s customers and for the wider community.


We help urban centres invest in a sustainable future. Our technologies provide a joined up solution to some of the world’s most pressing challenges, encouraging people out of their cars by making it easier to move around using more environmentally-friendly means of transport.


We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and behave in ways which earn the trust of the communities which we serve and in which we operate. Our integrated transportation systems help drive economic progress and social cohesion, attracting investment that underpins a sustainable future.


  • Embracing partnership working
  • Adopting a learning mindset
  • Taking ownership and responsibility
  • Acting with integrity
  • Creating customer value

Our shared values underpin everything we do


Our people share a global vision for the future. They are highly skilled, valued by our customers, and possess a mind-set to make a difference every day.

Think you can help us go further? Visit our careers page and get in touch to explore our world of opportunity.

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