Flowbird has won two City & Transport Awards for solutions deployed in Amiens and in Monaco.

The company was presented Mobility Awards for Innovation & for Digital Mobility by Ville Rail et Transports in France. Amiens Métropole was awarded the Innovation Prize for the implementation of Flowbird’s SESAME Open Payment solution, while Monaco won the Digital Mobility Prize for the company’s MonaPass MaaS application.

SESAME, the Open Payment solution deployed in Amiens

Amiens Métropole has been offering the SESAME Open Payment solution developed by Flowbird for the city’s public transport system since August 2020. SESAME enables users to use their contactless bank card and/or their smartphone as both a means of payment and a ticket, while at the same time benefiting from best fare optimisation.

SESAME supports multimodality and helps reduces car usage. This Open Payment solution also reduces operational costs, potential for fraud and helps increase ridership. Additional upcoming
deployments of the systems are also planned in Avignon, Clermont-Ferrand, Angers and Toulouse by 2023. Internationally, the solution is currently being installed in Laval, Quebec and also in Northern Ireland. It is scheduled to be deployed in Perth, Australia in 2023.

MonaPass, the “Mobility as a Service” application for transport users in the Principality of Monaco

As part of its Extended Monaco program, the Principality launched Flowbird’s MonaPass mobile application in Spring 2021. An all-in-one application for smartphones, MonaPass features an
integrated payment system for all Monegasque means of transport, including buses from the Compagnie des Autobus network, “MonaBike” electric bicycles and on-street parking.

Cards, subscriptions and payment methods are integrated into a single application that also provides real-time traffic information, bus schedules, bicycle availability and parking space information.

The app enables users to organise and pay for their trips via a single ticket, a pass or a bus or bike subscription according to their needs, providing a MaaS solution for all modes of transport.

In addition to improving the mobility experience, MonaPass promotes the development of active mobility, in line with the objective set by the Prince’s Government to reduce light vehicle traffic by
20% by 2030.