Flowbird’s ticketing and payments expertise is featured in a new “Ticketing in Mobility as a Service Handbook” published by The International Association of Public Transport – UITP and the Smart Ticketing Alliance.

Photo Credit: UITP

The handbook provides a common vision of ticketing in MaaS, including its challenges, opportunities and solutions, as well as business use cases in all regions of the world.

It brings together the knowledge of 54 public transport authorities, operators, suppliers, mobility as a service (MaaS) organizations and mobility solution providers to help the transport sector achieve seamless mobility.

Page 23 details how urban mobility has been transformed in Monaco, thanks to the Flowbird’s solutions.

Monapass, the MaaS platform, includes an all-in-one mobile application with journey planning, real-time information and an integrated payment system for Monaco’s mobility services: buses, electric bikes, on-street parking. The system is enabled by SESAME Open Payment, a digital ticketing and payment solution for smart mobility.

Discover more about MaaS and Flowbird’s solutions by downloading the report here!👈