In Flowbird’s latest ‘Let’s Talk About Transport’ podcast, Alastair McInroy, Chief Executive Officer of Technology Scotland – home of the MaaS Scotland network – describes his vision for MaaS and its potential to create societal value beyond mass transit.

In this podcast, he talks about pilot projects currently underway in Scotland and how these will be vital in building an evidence base for stakeholder engagement. Alastair also describes how MaaS needs to meet the needs of all members of the community, by ensuring there are no barriers to access, creating flexible payment options, delivering real time travel information, and integrating private cars as well as shared mobility in the modal mix.

He also discusses….

  • How there can be no ‘one MaaS fits all solution’ because of the different requirements of urban and rural communities
  • The pivotal role of governance in winning support of stakeholders and addressing challenges around commercial models in a deregulated environment
  • How private motors cars need to be part of the solution, but with the aim of shifting journeys to more sustainable modes of transport to drive the environmental benefits of MaaS
  • How MaaS can go beyond mass transit to be the link to mobility that supports access to education, health care services, leisure, tourism and retail

You can hear Alastair McInroy’s podcast here