Flowbird podcast: Let’s Talk about Transport

Exploring Mobility as a Service

Chapter 1 – How the pandemic has accelerated interest in MaaS and new generation ticketing.

In this chapter of Flowbird’s new podcast, Aurelien Cottet of the MaaS Alliance explains why the
pandemic has increased momentum towards new generation ticketing technology.
He explores MaaS in the context of the pandemic and in particular the impact it has had on interest
in the digitalization of public transport systems, particularly ticketing. He says that with safety and
security now at the forefront of consumer confidence when travelling on public transport, pressure
is growing for a more contactless environment. This has had the twin effect of highlighting the value
of data sharing and smarter ticketing for a joined-up consumer experience.
Smarter ticketing will also mean less physical contact, which will likely be important in persuading
more people onto transport networks in the coming months.

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