At Flowbird, we have over 500 engineers working day-in, day-out, to develop the innovative technologies that help our customers and wider society meet the needs of 21st century living.

With increasing urbanisation, we understand that creating sustainable solutions for the movement of people presents a growing challenge – so as well as delivering solutions for today, we challenge ourselves to re-imagine a future enabled by the growing influence of digitalisation.


With 90 patents across 26 countries protecting technologies that make life better for transport operators and end users, our history is one of innovation leading to improved performance and a better customer experience.

From on-board ticketing consoles and platform retailing networks to dynamic bus management systems and mobile apps for operators and end users, our solutions touch the lives of 100 million people around the world. We help them to navigate towns and cities through world-class multi-modal systems that simplify payments, personalise travel content and ensure accessibility for all, while helping to reduce air pollution, improve social cohesion and economic prosperity.


Every year Flowbird commits substantially to innovation, framing our activity within a rigorous 7-step ‘stage-gate’ process that leads from concept to implementation. We are excited by the opportunities opening up through digitalisation, where our innovation in account based ticketing is a key step in the journey towards Mobility as a Service.

We also seek out partners, including leading universities, who share our collaborative mindset to push technological boundaries…and always find better ways of working.