Driving improved operator and network performance through data analytics and near real-time monitoring.

Our Prism and CloudFare® business intelligence suites makes it easier for operators to dive deep into data and extract business critical information to improve decision-making, overall performance and customer experience.

Whether it’s financial trend reporting, asset monitoring, marketing or customer relationship management, Prism presents information with visual clarity, enabling trends and insights to quickly be identified along with modelling of ‘what if’ scenarios to drive business improvement and optimisation.

For vehicle monitoring, our latest generation ticketing system provides a constant stream of activity data to back office platforms, providing vehicle location data and journey information critical to schedule adherence.

The result is data analytics capable of being configured for the needs of each particular user, producing insights to drive operational improvement and sharpen marketing effectiveness. Flowbird is unique in providing this level of data granularity in a transport ticketing environment.


  • Prism bears down on operational cost and incidences of fraud, delivering improved profitability and gains in efficiency
  • Easy-to-view, interactive visualisations showing trends, areas for concern and ‘what-if’ scenarios
  • Business and operational modelling, with monetisation prediction, including: Analysis of potential new routes by reference to customer journeys on the existing network, Ridership and profitability predictions linked to changes in fares, Predictive failure patterns to drive preventative maintenance and reduce on-bus issues
  • Unrivalled data analysis, providing data insights not previously thought possible
  • Mapping to show the effect of bad weather, event ‘rush demand’ (such as a football match) and response to price structure changes
    An open architecture that both shares out and uses 3rd party data to enrich reports and models


  • Unique ability to exploit knowledge in the overlap between real-time information and Flowbird ticketing systems
  • Personalised ticketing experience with CloudFare, using account based ticketing to build customer relationships
  • Base-to-bus messaging linked to schedule adherence or service-related issues
  • Real time traffic management, taking account of passenger loading and schedule adherence with the potential to ‘green light’ services
  • Inbuilt data and intelligence to develop ‘delay-repay’ discounts to passengers based on pre-defined time thresholds


  • Complete visibility of operator performance
  • More productive use of operational staff
  • Improved services for passengers – including the availability of real time early/late running information
  • Efficiency gains can be pursued and monetised
  • Reduction in environmental impact
  • Smarter marketing outputs, based on data and intelligent predictive assumptions