Bringing the vision of a shared and on-demand transportation network to life with Flowbird’s Mobility-as-a-service.

Consumers are on a journey to a future in which ownership of a means of transport – primarily the motor car – will likely decline as people move to a model in which private, public and shared transport resources work in harmony.

This trend towards an ‘on-demand’ economy is growing in every area of life, and the vision for Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) is a community in which every mode of transport connects and is fulfilled through operational digitalisation and open payment architectures.

In this way, people will gain access to transport methods and networks that are complementary and joined-up, optimising the availability and capacity of buses, trains and ferries, taxis rides, shared and autonomous vehicles and community-based car and cycle schemes.

Flowbird engineers are working on the architectures that will enable cities to deliver Mobility-as-a-Service, using Big Data to shape demand-led and price-responsive services to influence behaviours; help public/private operators to integrate their services more efficiently; and provide real-time information to consumers to help them navigate urban spaces in the most cost-effective, easy and environmentally-beneficial way.


  • Flowbird back office architectures use Big Data analytics to map user demand for transportation services, integrating conventional modes of transport with on-demand services to meet consumer needs
  • Predictive modelling based on end-to-end journey data, including ride sharing, will enable towns and cities to plan a more consumer responsive service and shape behaviour through propositions such as dynamic tariffing
  • Improved communication with citizens, offering real-time information and journey fulfilment options, will lead to more efficient transportation networks, better economic performance and greater social cohesion
  • Better network insight for transport providers, helping to enhance productivity and profitability, and opening up new revenue opportunities such as hyper-local advertising channels


  • Flowbird Transport Intelligence introduces CloudFare® – the future-proofed back office architecture offering transport scheme owners and operators a smart and intuitive route to multimodal network management
  • CloudFare® is a modular and scalable platform providing a flexible solution to the real-time and remote management of assets and core systems. It is a key enabler for ticketing and fares collection infrastructures on the road to MaaS
  • In keeping with the MaaS vision, the system is built using an open data philosophy, offering extensive integration capability of the core elements supporting the management of transportation networks
  • Improved capacity through data-led dynamic modelling, helping to address overcrowding, while satisfying consumer expectations
  • Smart, secure back office transactions and payment reconciliations, creating opportunities for marketing innovations in an on-demand environment


  • Shared and real-time information through personalised travel companion mobile apps, improving journey planning and navigation, thus helping to address first/last mile requirements from origin to destination
  • Journey fulfilment through a single means of payment, avoiding the need to pay on a leg-by-leg basis
  • Better quality of life through easier journeys, less traffic congestion and lower pollution by encouraging public transportation and shared vehicle usage

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