Delivering operator value through multi-modal retailing, validation and journey planning innovations that transform the customer experience.

Our on-and-off vehicle automatic fare collection, retailing and journey planning technologies are
improving performance for bus, BRT, rail, tram, metro and ferry operators around the world, while
simultaneously making travel easier for end users.

From driver consoles and self-service terminals to real-time passenger information systems, we are
meeting the efficiency needs of operators, providing users with multiple payment options and
creating resilience against downtime, vandalism, fraud and theft.

In this COVID era, we’re also helping operators encourage passengers back onto public transport
through our ‘no-touch, low-touch’ SafeT innovations

Our industry leadership is built on decades of expertise in the public transport sector, where we are
also now one of the world’s leading providers of self-service retailing solutions, introducing
industry-first innovations such as video-linked customer support at the point of purchase and fulfilment.

Our portfolio of systems includes advanced touchscreen retailing terminals, driver consoles, on-and-
off vehicle validators and comprehensive cloud-based back office software systems…all future-
proofed through open interface communications along with optimised ergonomics, security and


  • Drivers consoles, handheld terminals and passenger validator solutions provide fast transactional performance required by bus, BRT, tram, train, metro and ferry operators
  • Versatile design and future-proof architecture, based on open-source Android Operating System
  • All Flowbird devices support contactless bank cards, open loop payments and multiple smart card standards including ITSO and Calypso, offering operators a suite of solutions for their fare collection requirements
  • Localised driver and passenger information, with real-time data transfer using cellular communication and on-vehicle location systems (GPS/GLONASS)
  • Options include Barcode/QR code reader, NFC mobile compatibility and BLE beacon for close proximity messaging
  • Pathway to customer buying data, enabling operators to optimise services, reduce fraud, improve revenue management and understand specific route performance


  • Award winning cutting-edge self-service retailing devices that transform the customer user experience
  • RetailKiosk®, RetailPanel® and RetailWall® integrate large screen displays and intuitive touch screen dynamics to make journey planning, ticket fulfilment and wayfinding easy and efficient
  • Multiple payment methods: Cash (Coin and Note), contact and contactless bank cards, with QR/barcode scanner
  • Modular secondary upper-screens for live running times, customer information, and advertising content
  • Optional integrated IRIS® video customer assistance system linking users to customer service centres
  • Open interface communications, with future-proof design, offering optimised ergonomics, security and reliability


  • Comprehensive range suitable for BRT, Metro, Rail, Tram and Off-station applications
  • Secure and ruggedised devices for use in all different environments, with small, medium and large footprint options available
  • Multiple payment methods: Cash (Coin and Note), contact and contactless bank cards, with QR/barcode scanner
  • Multiple currencies and country specific banking interfaces supported
  • Award-winning optional integrated IRIS® video customer assistance system linking users to customer service centres
  • SafeT our ‘no-touch, low-touch’ technology platform designed to help TOCs safeguard the health of their customers. Find out more here.


  • CloudFare® is a feature rich, fully scalable, Cloud-hosted mobility management system, orchestrating and monitoring a wide range of public transport related activities through the application of a growing range of tools and modules. These include Software as a Service and Ticketing as a Service delivery models.
  • The platform features intuitive map-based user interfaces, enabling system administrators to interact at a macro level or on a geographic and device basis.
  • It offers extremely high performance, utilising micro-services and stateless RESTful interfaces which allow the framework to scale, increasing and decreasing resource usage in response to system demands.


  • Web interface with intuitive user experience
  • Multimodal, multi-operator – capable of supporting any form of public transport
  • Open interfaces – CloudFare® offers a variety of APIs to permit 3rd party systems to extract data
  • Key enabler for ticketing and fares collection infrastructures on the road to Mobility as a Service (MaaS).
  • Always online communication – offering interfaces for ticketing and mobility devices to exchange data in real-time.
  • Key modules include Fares & Topology Management, Account Based Ticketing, Estate Management, Dashboard, Events & Alerts Management and Data Warehouse for Prism® Analytics and BI reporting tools