Join Flowbird at the Transport Innovation Summit on Monday, November 15 for expert insights into how Account Based Ticketing is making public transport easier to use for passengers, and easier to manage for operators?

Flowbird’s Alistair Aitken will lead a panel discussion on how ABT can enable change in the mass transit industry and play a part in data-driven decision making.

The topics for discussion include:

  • Where are we with ABT and what comes next?
  • Can ABT act as a foundation for MaaS schemes?
  • The importance of keeping ticketing and payment options open
  • The role of data in ABT and how it can establish a foundation for operators to build on

“At Flowbird, our mission is to make it easier, safer and quicker for people to make better journeys, applying expertise in areas such as ABT,” said Alistair. “We do this by providing operators and transit authorities of every size with the tools, back office architectures, payment systems and information they need to serve their customers better.”

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