From the traveller perspective, the travel experience starts from home and ends back home. But travellers get stressed when roads are congested and there is no place to park. A positive parking experience can contribute to how people enjoy their visit, journey, shopping or commute. But this takes a new holistic approach. Integrating open parking data with the new mobility services ecosystem can play an important role in optimising urban mobility. Each car trip starts and ends with parking and therefore digitalised parking should also be an integral part of any MaaS deployment. Apps integrating multimodal transport can only be successful provided that real-time information on available transport options and parking is given. And on the other hand, multi-purpose mobility applications and interconnected modes of transport, effectively serving citizens mobility needs, have the potential to optimise the use of public space, support modal shift and influence travel behaviour. This webinar is all about integrating parking into the mobility services ecosystem.

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