Improve the users adhesion thanks to card payment: offer an easy-to-use payment mean, adapted to all businesses and very secured. Maximize your revenues: increase the respect rate through a guaranteed payment solution and reduce your operation costs.


Flowbird offers an ever-increasing number of payment methods available on its solutions. Physical means of payment such as legal tender (coins, notes), chips/tokens. Electronic means of payment such as contact & contactless smart card and bankcard.


Flowbird processes payment chains worldwide through ArchiPEL, its centralized acceptance payment platform, allowing easier evolutions and better reporting.


Flowbird’s solutions are adapted to any kind of businesses with an omni-channel approach: Unattended Check-in Check-out solution, Mobile payment solutions such as Swish & Vipps, Smart card such as SmartOne.


A permanent up-to-date compliance of Flowbird to the very strict processes required by the international and domestic card payments security standards, including those of the PCI, guarantees the strongest level of security to municipalities, operators and card holders.


Check-in Check out is an innovative parking solution that provides the motorist with a parking experience that is free from them having to worry about returning to their vehicle in order to avoid receiving PCN, fine etc. Upon arrival the customer will check-in using their Debit/Credit Card. The motorist will input their VRM using an alphanumeric keypad that will be fitted to the terminal. The enforcement officer can then reference the checked-in status against the VRM of the vehicle.


M1000 « unattended » reader featuring both smart card contact and magnetic stripe interfaces, conform to PCI PTS 4.x /EMV Level 1 & 2 / AFAS (France).

A1000 contactless & NFC reader conform to PCI PTS 4.x /EMV Contactless Level 1 & 2 (Entry point, C2/Visa, C3/MasterCard, C4/Amex, C6/Diners-Discover) / ISO14443 A-B / Mifare.

The multi-width Backload MSM bill validator is the perfect solution for multi-country currency validation. The bills are stored in secure lockable removable cassettes, available in 550 or 1000 bill capacity.

Flowbird’s patented motor-driven coin selector accepts up-to 14 types of coins or tokens. The coins are stored in secure lockable removable cassettes or in fixed cash boxes with a capacity of around 2700 coins

ArchiPEL & data center platforms PCI-DSS approved since 2008 to ensure the security of the processing environment


Swish is one of Sweden’s most popular means of payment with 7 million active users every month. Now we offer Swish as a payment option in Flowbird Sweden’s terminals. A combination of digitized parking, Swish payment and Digital receipts. The latest version of WebOffice contains a completely new connection between WebOffice and Swish.

Combined with the latest terminal software in CWT 4.10, a chain is created from the payment machine to the parker’s Swish app. The CWT terminal can be supplemented with Swish as a payment unit. All Swish purchases are registered in WebOffice in the same way as coins or card purchases, and are available for reporting, monitoring, or exporting.


M1000, P1000 & A1000 platforms PCI-PTS 4.x approved

M1000 & A1000 application PCI-PA-DSS approved to ensure the security of cardholder data (Cardnumber, PIN code, validity date…)

ArchiPEL & data center platforms PCI-DSS approved since 2008 to ensure the security of the processing environment

M1000 is EMV contact Level 1 & Level 2 approved

A1000 is EMV contactless Level 1 & Level 2 approved (Entry Point, C2 / MasterCard, C3 / Visa, C4 / Amex)


SmartOne card can be used as a prepaid card (with spend value loaded), to make payment for parking. SmartOne can be used as a unique identity to offer the card holder free time for parking or a specific parking tariff according to any user profile set (a Resident or Professional etc.). This can be used in a ‘Pay by Plate’ mode environment and avoids having to key in the licence plate number.