A strategic partnership for an integrated Open Payment offer!

During the Rencontres Nationales du Transport Public on September 28-30, 2021, Ubitransport unveils a strategic partnership with Flowbird to democratize open payment.

A complete open payment offer and an improved user experience

Referenced by the Public Transport Purchasing Office (PTPO), Ubitransport’s 2Cloud platform combines ticketing, electronic payment and mobility to make life easier for users and transport stakeholders.

Ubitransport, leader in Account-Based Ticketing (ABT), is proud to present the new open payment module, in partnership with Flowbird. This new reference in the market is proposed to commercial transport networks, members of the Public Transport Purchasing Office.

The use of a contactless bank card or any other contactless payment media (wallet from a smartphone or watch), opens up travel rights that will be paid on a deferred basis and capped at the best rate in effect per day, per week or per month.

Ubitransport completes this open payment offer with a new user experience. The user will now be able to see the number of successive validations made on board a vehicle. For example, a user can see in real time that he has made two validations for two people.

More generally, this electronic ticketing solution will facilitate the user experience by offering a choice of validation media: contactless transport card or contactless bank card, on a single validator.

A partner with common ambitions

Ubitransport chose Flowbird, the flagship and leader of Europay Mastercard Visa (EMV) solutions, because the two companies share a strong culture of innovation, are convinced that they want to offer the most fluid and accessible mobility, and find complementarity in their offers.

In addition to being listed by the CATP, these common features will make it possible to consider a strong partnership between a scale-up company and a manufacturer.

“Flowbird’s open payment solution is fully in line with Ubitransport’s strategy to combine ticketing and electronic payment to cover all the needs of transport organizers and users. With a logic of articulation of all fare systems, various ticketing media and payment chronologies, we propose an ever more scalable and inclusive solution”, says Jean-Paul Medioni, CEO of Ubitransport.

Ubitransport’s Plural Ticketing System at the service of MaaS

The partnership announced is part of a more global dynamic that Ubitransport is pursuing with its Plural Electronic Ticketing System. This new offer is designed to meet the challenges of hybridization, interoperability and electronic payment and is enriched with innovative functionalities to address the needs of all types of networks.

Passengers will have multiple options for paying for their tickets before, during or after validation on board.

The 2Cloud platform, which is open to third-party partners, makes it possible to put together a comprehensive and personalized mobility offer.


Nicolas Dardonville, Flowbird Sales Director & Jean-Paul Medioni, CEO Ubitransport