As the coronavirus COVID-19 has been declared to be a pandemic by the World Health Organisation and has already spread to over 100 countries. Flowbird is taking this situation seriously.

The management of Flowbird has closely followed government and expert advice in each country within which we have operations and have taken further proactive measures to mitigate, if not avoid, the COVID-19 spread such as:

  • Communication campaign on safe behaviour to all employees.
  • Set-up of a global remote work organisation.
  • Education campaign on remote management best practices
  • Health and HR hotline to monitor symptoms appearance within staff.
  • Trips for our employees that do not have an absolute obligation, such as a blocking situation requiring physical intervention, are suspended until further notice. This measure is not valid for field service technicians in order to support operational system of our customers.

Besides, as the pandemic continues to spread, we have anticipated the strategic procurement on most critical suppliers in order to deliver the 3 coming rolling month backlog.

Here at Flowbird, we are taking proactive action internally and toward our suppliers in regard to business continuity and contingency planning even though we cannot bring any guarantee as we do not measure all the consequences of this Force Majeure event.

Business is not suspended, business will be different.

Flowbird would like to thank you for your patience during this challenging situation and to invite you to contact us for any further information.