Cities today must deal with a diversity of technologies making interoperability and necessary fluidity among all complex. The StreetSmart solution enables cities and operators to shape custom application for end users. The kiosks and Mobile Phone Application are managed by a central platform designed to be accessible to third party system via our documented API’s. In addition to payment of parking fees, couponing, city information… our platform can be use to reinvent the city of today and built the future. At Flowbird, our latest kiosk generation is built-in with Android operating system.


Essential asset in Smart city platform, Ticket Management register digital parking ticket in a unique repository and used for the control. For those who are not ready yet for Smart City, our successful Pay & Display parking mode.


Cornerstone of mobility platform, Permit Management is a service to structure specific rights for individual in the city.


A simple way to analyse parking data in the city is to have one unique Dashboard!