Cities of Oran & Constantine, ALGERIA


300,000 validations

per day in Oran

270,000 validations

per day in Constantine


2 different technological projects successfully completed at the same time.

2 projects implemented with a high level of bespoke requirements.

2 projects opening up new commercial opportunities.

“The tramway is an undoubted success story as it helps to develop sustainable mobility, to rethink and modernise urban areas, promote architectural heritage and to contribute to the development of towns and employement” 

The successful and simultaneous launch of

two ticketing systems to drive urban mobility


Demographic change in Algeria coupled with economic development is creating a shift towards the urbanisation of towns and cities and a growing need for more effective public transport systems. As part of the development and modernisation of the main Algerian conurbations, investment in tramways is helping create an infrastructure for the future.

Following the redesign of the Algiers metro system and the deployment of the tramway in the capital city, similar projects in Oran and Constanline have confirmed the investment strategy initiated by the government for all towns with a population of more than 100,000 people.

Besides supporting sustainable mobility, the tramway makes it possible to rethink and modernise urban areas, promote architectural heritage and contribute to the economic development of towns in which half of the population is under the age of 30.

The following challenges emerged in relation to these forward-looking projects: the adoption of new technologies ; behavioural change in a country involved in a large reconstruction programme ; and the simultaneous introduction of comprehensive ticketing solutions in 2 cities separated by a distance of more than 800 km.


ln 2009, Alstom-Transport was selected by the EMA (Algiers Metro Company) to provide the overarching tramways service, including vehicles, network equipment and sub-systems

Alstom-Transport, in continuation of a previous successful relationship, engaged the services of Flowbird for the provision of ticketing solutions for the Oran and Constantine projects. ln a country in which automated ticketing systems and payment by credit and debit cards is almost non-existent, the move to a new ticketing solution represents a genuine revolution. 

Magnetic tickets for occasional users and contactless cards for subscribers are offered at 150 outlets fitted with Flowbird Terminals in Constantine, and supplemented by Astreo issuing machines at stations in Oran, giving citizens the opportunity to pay by credit and debit card – a ‘first’ for Algeria.

More than 450 mixed ticket (magnetic and contactless) validators enable travellers to board quickly and provide a positive passenger experience.

Whether on-board or on platform, the Flowbird equipment is purpose-designed to withstand harsh weather conditions in Algeria (temperature, humidity, sand).

The technology supports multi-lingual graphical user interfaces providing information in Arabic and French, making it easier for new users to adapt to this mode of transport, so that it becomes an accepted part of their travel routine.

The central ticketing server TransFolio is used to manage fares and tariffs, monitor equipment, manage subscription cards, monitor revenue and statistical information…supporting a policy centred around delivering high levels of customer service.


  • The Flowbird ticketing systems help the tramway to deliver a reliable, quality service to passengers and reliable data (sales, frequency of use etc) to operators.
  • The adherence to delivery schedules, the quality of its solution and its genuine desire to invest locally enabled Flowbird to play a full role in support of Alstom-Transport on these two projects.