Off-street parking

Raise the bar for off-street parking

Meet the demand for parking space in the city. Make off-street parking facilities easier to use, with smooth check-in and check-out processes and simple payment options.

Smart and sustainable

A fresh approach to off-street parking

Parking lots and garages are vital assets to enable journeys into the heart of the city. Trips that start with parking can be completed on foot, or using a shared mobility, reducing congestion in the city centre. 

Our technology enables fast entry and exit and simple payments at off-street parking facilities. With a user-friendly management platform, and digital permits and enforcement, cities can deliver services efficiently.


ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) enables fast, frictionless check-in and check-out in barrierless facilities. Cameras photograph licence plates and date-stamp the time of entry and exit. Drivers pay at a terminal, in-app, online, or by invoice.

Barrier Access

Our cloud-based barrier system gives drivers a smooth experience in gated facilities. On entry, they swipe a bank card or scan a QR code to trigger the barrier to rise. They pay on-foot, or at the exit, where a touchscreen terminal guides check-out and payment.

Barrier and ANPR

Our hybrid solution includes ANPR and barriers. On entry, the barrier rises when ANPR cameras record the vehicle licence plate. On exit, it rises once payment is confirmed. If the vehicle registration is linked in our back office to a payment method or permit, the correct payment will be taken automatically. If not, the driver must pay at the terminal when leaving.

Parking terminals

Our mounted and freestanding parking terminals combine sleek design with durability. Contactless and QR-code readers, digital receipts and colour touchscreens enable a simple payment experience. For drivers who prefer to find and pay for parking using their smartphone, Flowbird app is the ideal off-street parking companion.

Digital parking permits

Maximise value for business owners, residents and other driver groups by defining digital parking permit types. Our permit solution integrates with our cloud-based management platforms and sales channels, enabling the creation of permits that are either time-based or linked to the driver’s profile.

Intelligent enforcement

Boost revenue by leveraging ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology. Cameras determine licence plate numbers and session start times, and share this data with enforcement apps, along with payment data associated with the vehicle. Enforcers can adjust routes to prioritise facilities with the most unpaid or expiring sessions.

Parking management

Our cloud-based management platforms serve parking operations of any size. Use them to manage terminals remotely, and roll-out tariffs and rights. Our solutions are fully integrated, connecting pay stations, mobile apps and permit portals. Use real-time data from across your parking ecosystem to inform the optimisation of effective business rules.