Take charge of your e-mobility ecosystem

Our multi-channel solution supports cities and regions throughout their e-mobility journey, from hardware sourcing and installation to daily management and operations. 




Unifying e-mobility ecosystems

Flowbird Park&Charge

Flowbird HUB, our parking and e-mobility platform, connects to any charging hardware or Charging Point Operator, all Flowbird sales channels, and any third-party user interface.

With a 360° view of your public EV charging network, you can collect and analyse multi-channel data, and act on insight to improve charge point availability and utilisation rates.

Meeting the challenge

Public EV charging

Our solution empowers cities to achieve the scale and service-level of public accessible parking and charging infrastructure that is mandated by directives such as AFIR. 


With complete control of charging infrastructure, cities can transform service quality and user experience, and drive growth in charger utilisation rates.

Access the leading brands in e-mobility

Flowbird has established a partner network of leading charger brands. Hundreds of charger types can be selected meet the needs of any public EV charging scenario – on-street, off-street, at workplaces and at any destination.
  • Unify existing and new charging infrastructure
  • Roll out charging rules across sales channels
  • Simplify device monitoring and management
  • Consolidate all charging and payment data in one place
  • Provide a single point of contact for all support requests
  • Increase availability and utilisation rate of charge points
Wallbox EV charger

Supporting cities

The e-mobility journey

Flowbird partners with cities for the entire e-mobility lifecycle. Our support begins with the selection and installation of hardware. We simplify every aspect of public EV charging, including management, maintenance and customer service.  


Work with Flowbird and our hardware partners to deliver flexible, scalable public EV charging infrastructure. 

  • Source and install quality hardware 
  • Connect any sales channel to Flowbird HUB
  • Analyse sales data and use insight to optimise services
  • Carry out intelligent enforcement of parking and charging
  • Maximise uptime with round-the-clock support and maintenance

Transforming user experience

Effortless public charging

Incentivise stronger EV adoption by removing the pain points of public accessible charging. Reliable real-time information, simplified payments, and accessible customer support are vital to boost drivers’ confidence.   


Drivers can use Flowbird app or an integrated third-party alternative to navigate to a charge station, define charging time and extend sessions. Parking and charging payment is combined, and they only pay for the time used.

Set new standards of ease and convenience

  • Simplify payments in-app, at the terminal, or with a charge card
  • Offer payment choice: credit/debit cards, e-wallets, monthly invoice
  • Enable secure payment methods without registration
  • Inspire confidence with higher availability of chargers
  • Give users a single point of contact to resolve issues
Two graphic representations of Flowbird's mobile app for parking and e-mobility. One shows park and charge session starting, one shows session stopping.

Data-led system

Manage and optimise

Flowbird HUB is the cloud-based nerve centre of Park&Charge. Use it to set-up e-mobility networks and put data at the heart of e-mobility management. Alongside this platform, our CPMS provides a tool for EV charger management and support.


Use Flowbird HUB for data consolidation and reporting

  • Open architecture and standard protocols for integrations
  • Connects with hardware, apps and charging concessions
  • Easy configuration of parking and charging rights and tariffs
  • Digital synchronisation of users’ permits and subscriptions
  • Simplified management of parking enforcement and tickets
  • Data analysis and reporting to bring insight to policy-making  

For charger management and support, use Flowbird CPMS

  • Monitor live status of chargers
  • Configure alarms
  • Carry out remote reboot 
  • Release charger cable
  • Start and stop sessions