City of Perth, AUSTRALIA


In the first 5 years:

97% increase

of card use

16% increase

of revenue


Flowbird and the Public Transport Authority of Western Australia have jointly presented the Perth project to a number of worldwide cities as a benchmark

for a successful and proven implementation of Tag On/Tag Off in a multi-modal mass transit environment.

“The continued success of the SmartRider contactless electronic ticketing system has led to Transperth rolling out the system to five regional areas of Western Australia. This is in part due to the reliability and robustness of the SmartRider system”

Wayne VEANEY – Ticketing & Performance Manager, Transperth

A fully integrated platform to support a multi-modal public transport network

creating the first and most advanced mass transit smartcard system in Australia


The Western Australian Government, which controls the Transperth Integrated Ticketing System, decided that its next generation ticketing system had to deliver a raft of benefits for Transperth and its patrons. It prioritised the areas of safety, security, efficiency, economy and customer service.


The Government opted for a solution centred on Flowbird’s Tag On/Tag Off system where passengers Tag On to the system at a bus, ferry or railway station, and Tag Off whenever they leave the system, regardless of the mode of transport. Business rules configured in a back office ensure that the customer only pays for the journeys they make up until a daily fare cap is reached.

To achieve this, Flowbird’s smartcard validators were installed in buses and ferries and at rail station gates. GPS location equipment ensured the automatic calculation of fare zones. A comprehensive, centralised transport back office was provided to handle smartcard and retail management, payment clearing, banking interfaces and system status monitoring.

Today, Flowbird and the Public Transport Authority of Western Australia continue to work in partnership to develop enhanced functionality that will complement the SmartRider system. These include integration with parking solutions, contactless EMV bank card acceptance, mobile phone apps and RTPI solutions.


  • Sustainable approach
  • Smart technology
  • Promoting an easier life in the city

The introduction of SmartRider ensures that many tasks are simplified – those carried out manually are now undertaken automatically by the SmartRider system. As well as providing Perth with an Australian first, SmartRider has decreased boarding times, reduced fare evasion and provides better statistical information in the form of accurate patronage data. 

These benefits are now the main drivers behind infrastructure planning, timetabling and scheduling.