City of Lille, FRANCE




14 million


“As an operator, we want to make it easier to use public transport. With this innovative solution, we have simplified cross-border mobility”


Francine VELTHUIZEN, marketing and sales director of Keolis Lille

A full service ticketing system

making mobility easier with interoperability


The network had a competitor’s system for over 15 years and was beginning to experience equipment management difficulties and reach the technological limits of the system in place. 

Modernisation was a major requirement of the project.


The city had also stated its commitment to offer more services to users, formalised in two areas: 

  • With a larger number of payment methods, more user-friendly screens and contactless media, the new equipment had to meet all modernity criteria.
  • By allowing the use of a single medium in the public transport system, park and ride car parks and bicycle rental stations, intermodality was the watchword of the project!

The process for migration management and the renewal of equipment was defined with the city authorities. It involved minimising the inconvenience to users and making the changes to equipment (Ticket Vending Machines, validators, etc.) within a limited period.

In its aim to offer more services to users, Lille wanted to put in place an interoperable system. All users from towns in the local area and users of trains in the region were to be given the ability to use the new card.


Flowbird renewed all the equipment in the Lille conurbation:

  • 318 Ticket Vending Machines deployed across the city
  • 1750 on-board validators, 559 ground validators and 56 mobile validators distributed over the whole system
  • 600 consoles installed in buses
  • 220 handheld fare inspection terminals for agents.

To extend the vending network and reach a wider public, 32 point-of-sale terminals and 285 simplified point-of-sale terminals were placed in sales offices, agents’ shops or with approved resellers.

A single contactless pass is now available to the inhabitants of Lille. It is called Pass Pass and allows its owner to use the whole public transport system in the conurbation, and also in the whole Nord-Pas-de-Calais region and in Belgium.

Access to park and ride car parks is offered using tickets combining parking and transport. The exit barrier is opened by Axio validators when a transport ticket used in the day is held up to it. Self-service bicycles are also accessible with the Pass Pass card. 42 dedicated validators (park and ride parks and bicycle stations) have been installed to that end.


Following the successful renewal of the entire system, the city authorities, operator and Flowbird are already working on other shared projects.

To improve safety in metro stations, the city is fitting gates. The solutions offered by Flowbird can adapt to future installations and support the city in that project. 

Thanks to the integration of new-generation Axio validators in the security gates, the city will be able to extend the current ticketing system very simply. 

The Flowbird validators integrated into the gates will thus control the opening and closing of metro stations

Thanks to the open Flowbird system and the supply of its interfaces, the operator and the city of Lille were able to develop, independently on NFC mobile telephones, payment on Vending Machines and the reloading of tickets directly on the Pass Pass card. 


As the first manufacturer to implement such a solution, Flowbird has allowed the people of Lille to use their Pass Pass card outside France

In order to make the life of cross-border travellers easier, the Triangle 2 project has made it possible to extend the network to other countries.