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1 mobile app, 1 user account, 1 payment method for mobility services and entertainment activities.

Monapass: An all-in-one application

Monapass was created by Flowbird in partnership with Extended Monaco, a program established to support the digital transformation of the Principality of Monaco, Monaco City Hall and the main public transport operator in Monaco, Compagnie des Autobus de Monaco (CAM).

It plays a valuable role in Monaco’s plan to motivate more people to use public transport, and to reduce light vehicle traffic by 20% by 2030.


The Monapass project is part of Extended Monaco’s program to digitalise the Principality of Monaco. By
providing digital access to transport and mobility services through a Single Sign-On Mobility-as-as-Service application, the aim is to:

  • Create a one-stop shop for residents and tourists to access mobility and other
    local services and attractions.
  • Support the Principality’s mission to be a digital innovator, building a single platform, and sharing the cost of digitisation between the city and service providers.
  • Simplify multi-modal journeys, reducing the time and complexity of journey planning, and of selecting and paying for tickets using different services.
  • Motivate sustainable travel choices by: increasing the visibility of transport and shared mobility services; providing real-time information and planning tools; and facilitating bundle deals, discounts and concessions.
  • Create a new channel for promotion of cultural attractions and local businesses.


In 2021, Extended Monaco called on the expertise of Flowbird, a world leader in urban mobility technology, to deliver the solution. For the team, it was important to select a partner capable of digital development, which also demonstrated a strong track record of delivering mobility infrastructure on a global scale.

Our experience in parking, transport, mobility payments and mobile app development underpinned our proposal. We’ve proven our digital credibility over 10 years – with Flowbird app solutions downloaded by over 7 million users.

The solution we designed gave the Principality an opportunity to leverage a cost-effective, open, modular platform, which achieved all their goals.


Key deliverables

Our partner wanted a Single Sign-On Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) application to enable planning, booking, and payments for multiple services. The following capabilities were required:

  • Customised, branded appearance
  • Account registration
  • Payment card registration
  • Multimodal journey planning 
  • Transport ticketing and payments
  • ID-linked passes, concessions, discounts 
  • Shared mobility booking and payments

In response, Flowbird developed Monapass, a MaaS app that gives residents and visitors to Monaco a secure account for selecting and paying for transport and mobility services, including:

  • Bike share (MonaBike)
  • Bus travel (CAM)
  • On-street parking (Monaco City Hall)

With easier access to multimodal services, user journeys are seamless. In addition, it provides access to  offers associated with the purpose of the journey, enabling ticketing and payment for a range of cultural and entertainment venues, including:

  • Oceanographic Museum
  • Beaux-Arts cinema
  • Monaco Le Grand Tour (tourist bus)
  • Prince’s palace
  • Cars collection
  • Zoological Gardens
  • Louis II Stadium (AS Monaco)

And more to come!

With just one app, it’s simple to plan for trips and entertainment, and receive a digital single ticket, subscription, or special offers (concessions). Travel around is effortless!

Key features of the system

  • A secure account providing access to  multiple transport, mobility and leisure services, for a fluid, inclusive experience.
  • A choice of payment/ticketing  media (including, bank card, QR codes etc.).
  • Real-time offers based on user preferences.
  • Modular, open platform facilitating the integration of additional services.
  • Dynamic, secure QR codes that can be scanned to board buses, unlock bikes or enter museums, for example.
  • Digital communication channel with the Monapass community.

Real-time information and incentivisation

Monapass provides up-to-the-minute, location based information on the mobility services, such as bus running times and parking or bicycle availability. By delivering an accurate picture of services at all times, it makes sure that journeys run more smoothly and users have a positive experience.

For the service provider, the application also becomes a valuable direct communication channel with the end-user community. In this case, Extended Monaco and the transport, mobility and leisure operators using the platform as a bookings engine, can send digital communications that encourage users to choose a particular service, enjoy specific offers and participate in events.

The platform becomes a valuable tool for incentivising behaviour change that can benefit the local area socially, economically, and environmentally. For example, offers and subscriptions can be created to motivate increased use of public and shared transport, which contribute towards achieving climate targets.

Data analytics and insight

Finally, thanks to the Flowbird platform, Extended Monaco receives monthly reports on the use of services. This rich source of data on travel and payments behaviour enables the Principality to monitor trends and preferences and evolve increasingly customer-focused products and services.


Monapass is the result of a partnership between an engaged stakeholder group (Extended Monaco, Mobility providers and Flowbird). This collaboration has led to the co-construction of the product roadmap, with the goal of pushing digital innovation to enhance the lives of many people. 

Monapass is based on an open platform, facilitating experimentation and innovation for public transport operators and enabling the integration of partners/services with no impact on their systems. 

The design was based on 3 principles:

  • Aligned to objectives to make transport easier, less expensive and cleaner 
  • Agnostic, open to third-party integrations
  • LOM* by design

This technological design, with openness and privacy built-in, makes it possible to :

  • Reduce time to market
  • Optimise integration and operating costs 
  • Apply and adapt mobility policies and offers


  • Offers an excellent user experience: all use cases and all mobility services and cultural and tourist services are digitised.
  • Motivates sustainable travel choices.
  • Supports local business, culture, tourism.
  • Creates a digital communication channel.


  • Single Sign-On to access multiple services.
  • Inclusive app with value created for user groups such as drivers, students, senior citizens, tourists, occasional travellers.
  • Tickets and passes in one place for the journey and the destination.
  • Less time-wasted in queues or using many apps for journey planning and ticketing.

*French mobility orientation law sustainable mobility that is accessible to all.