Project Description

Angers – 100% contactless solution for buses, trams, bicycles and cars


million trips a year
sales transactions a month
stations over 12km
tramway trains
month deployment from
contract signature to commisioning

The Challenge

Reducing pollution from emissions, improving social cohesion and boosting the local economy were the drivers for the Angers Loire Metropole (ALM) Tramways project. The system was central to modernising the 33 municipalities and achieving the right balance between car and alternative transport usage. Parkeon was chosen to facilitate a multi-modal, contactless solution to enable easy access to bicycles, cars, buses and trams through the IRIGO network.

The Solution

Flowbird’s integrated solution enabled IRIGO network users to access multi-modal travel and other services via a unified smart card, delivering a simplified and enhanced user experience whether boarding buses and trams, accessing secure bicycles or gaining free car park entitlement.

The resulting system consisted of:

  • 54 Astreo ticket vending machines for 24/7 ticket sales and validation
  • 100 Sales Terminals for sales agents
  • 660 AXIO contactless validators on buses and trams and in car parks and bicycle parks

Parkeon’s Transfolio back office system combined with Parkeon ArchiPEL real time payments to provide a completely integrated ticketing and payments solution, with Keolis-Angers data and information being used to continuously improve the quality of the service to travelers.

The Benefits

  • The success of the project has prompted Keolis-Angers to consider a second-line tramway. The solution helped the tramway to deliver a reliable, quality service to passengers, along with reliable data including sales, frequency of-use information and other operational insights
  • Enhanced multi-modal travel experience, thanks to the reliability of the transport infrastructure around the “rainbow tramway” backbone and the convenience and flexibility of Flowbird’s contactless technology
  • High levels of resident uptake, driven by the ease of use and flexibility of Flowbird’s integrated ticketing system

“A strategic tool for boosting urban space, a multi-modal transport network around the Tramway makes it possible to think of the agglomeration differently. The spaces are being redrawn, the territory is developing, the mobility offer is growing.”

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