Flowbird is launching an automatic hand sanitising unit that attaches to parking terminals to provide reassurance to motorists about paying for parking at terminals while concerns persist about coronavirus.

The company’s Park & Sanitise technology is automatically primed when a terminal-based transaction is completed – users then place their hands underneath the unit and a sensor triggers the release of a pre-defined dosage of sanitiser gel. At no point do they need to touch the dispensing unit.

“We know that hand hygiene is uppermost in people’s thoughts at the moment, so this sanitiser will help provide reassurance about using Flowbird’s pay and display and pay-on-foot parking terminals as the country starts to loosen some of the lockdown measures,” said Kenny Scouller, Senior Sales Manager at Flowbird.

“We expect more people to choose ‘touchless’ ways to pay for parking, such as the Flowbird app or online accounts through our Pay to Park portal, but it is also true that a large proportion of the population – including those without smartphones – still prefer to use cash or bank card payments at terminals. Now they can do so with the added confidence of knowing they can maintain personal hand hygiene.”

The Park & Sanitise system, which can be fitted both to new terminals and those already in the field, is automatically primed to dispense the sanitiser once the parking transaction is complete. It will not dispense without a successful transaction.

Authorities and operators will also be able to monitor sanitiser volumes remotely through Flowbird’s Smartfolio back office and replenish gel as needed.

Flowbird already provides a range of low touch and remote payment options for its P&D and ANPR pay on foot solutions – including using contactless bank cards, apps and online accounts – to help consumers to choose the method that best suits their needs. The new unit adds a layer of confidence for those engaging directly with terminals.

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