Strada pay and display

Strada Terminals offer a wide range of features to assist urban mobility.


The wide full colour-screen makes all the difference, displaying animated pictograms, text and dynamic menus to guide transactions. Strada PAL becomes an efficient information channel.  The extended capacitive keyboard increases functionality, facilitates quick and easy entry of any alpha or alpha-numeric numbers (car plate numbers), handles personalized codes of identification numbers to access parking privileges and allows users to navigate through menus to view local information or advertisements, select services and print-out coupons.


A new design for a budget friendly price. The Strada Evolution is based upon Flowbird’s NEOPS™ electronic platform. It supports the most recent innovations, including the first integrated Chip & PIN/contactless card readers for unattended terminals. Combining processing speed, power, autonomy, reliability and security, the NEOPS platform enables the Strada Evolution to support a wide range of innovations in terms of functionality.



Analytics Control is based on day-to-day activity measurement of on-street parking. It offers various forms of statistical reports (tables, graphs, maps) for the professionals (cities, private operators) in charge of monitoring the work of enforcement officers and their patrol along each street based on their objectives. From patrols preparation to reports extraction, the solution provides an overall supervision of the enforcement objectives.


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