Strada & Stelio upgrade kits

Flowbird’s philosophy is to protect its customers investments in their parking estates throughout the life cycle of the installation. Strada & Stelios Upgrade Kits enable operators to benefit from the latest parking technology on their existing terminals, requiring minimal capital expenditure and increasing the life span of the installed estate.


A powerful solar module provides the terminal with additional functionality, high transaction levels and access to on-line services.


Highly customisable, upgrades include the possibility to integrate barcode readers, climatic packs, extra Shieldings, Park & Breathe kits and front face lighting modules.


Wireless technology enables centralised management and facilitates maintenance.  The upgrade benefits operations and optimises terminal up-times.


Upgrading to a full color 9’7 touch screen brings a real added-value to your existing parking terminals, multiplying their possibilities and functionalities.  The touch screen provides an enhanced user experience thanks to superior ergonomics and the ease-of-use of digital keyboard which guarantees a quick user interaction process.


With the upgrade of payment solutions to handle bank cards such as chip or contactless cards, smart cards, banknotes but also NFC technology, cities and operators offer a wider choice of payment methods to users.  The enhancement delivers convenience to motorists, while reducing the volume of cash to be collected, sorted and carried.


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