Smart delivery zones

Ease the pressure on the curb

Respond to the rising demand for curb space by introducing smart delivery zones. Our intelligent system enables cities to dynamically manage their curb space. This improves access and safety; reduces congestion and pollution; and unlocks revenue potential.




Easier, faster access

Smart delivery zones

With growing numbers of commercial delivery drivers in cities, Smart Delivery Zones eliminate the headache of finding space for speedy unloading. With easier, faster access for deliveries, the multiple uses of the curb can be managed more effectively.

Our device agnostic solution uses sensors and cameras to monitor the curb. Real-time data on parking occupancy is collected by Flowbird HUB and shared with delivery drivers through our Curb App – making it easy to reserve a space, and get in and out quickly. 

Manage and monetise curb space

Use our parking and EV back office and management platform, Flowbird HUB, to maximise the efficient and compliant use of the curb by delivery drivers.

Get ready for the future of digital curbside management
  • Define delivery zones by configuring opening hours, ‘free time’ and tariff rules 
  • Monitor impact with real-time data, and analytics and reporting tools 
  • Use insight to inform and optimise dynamic curb management and pricing 
  • Boost revenue by implementing tariffs to monetise commercial curb use
  • Simplify route-planning and improve traffic flow with an app delivery drivers 
  • Integrate apps used by enforcement agents to streamline their processes

Make the curbside accessible to all

As the competition for curb space heats up, intelligent systems are needed to manage demand. Support fast, frictionless deliveries with our Smart Delivery Zones tool to make parking safe and fair for all. 

Cut exhaust emissions and enable users to coexist comfortably

  • Speed-up deliveries and improve the rotation of parking spaces
  • Enable all curb users to move in and out of spaces safely
  • Cut dwell time to reduce the idling and its impact on air quality
  • Make space at the curb for sustainable shared and micro mobility

Use mobile apps to streamline processes

Our Smart Delivery Zones curbside management tool is supported by Curb App, for commercial delivery drivers and Curb Watch for parking enforcement agents.

Stress-free loading and unloading 

Commercial delivery drivers can use Curb App to find a convenient parking space for loading and unloading goods. 

  • Simple registration and sign-in using social login
  • Map view to view commercial loading zones and available spaces
  • Zone-in on a spot to see further information, like maximum session time
  • Book and pay, then drive to your space to start the session
  • If the space is occupied, notify an enforcement agent using the app 
  • Sessions can be cancelled and payment refunded in a single click

Help in-hand for enforcement agents

Curb Watch makes parking enforcement smarter, helping agents to resolve issues in a fast, efficient way.

  • Sign-in to view an ‘alerts’ list 
  • Click each alert to view alert details
  • Use map tool to navigate to the exact space
  • Resolve the issue and log the results in-app
  • License plate checker identifies vehicles parked without payment
  • Alerts resolved and fines issued with speed and ease