Wokingham Borough Council Completes Parcel Locker Roll Out Thanks To Flowbird Smart City UK

Flowbird Smart City UK, working in partnership with Infinium Logistics Solutions, has completed a roll out of InPost and Amazon parcel lockers for Wokingham Borough Council. A total of 7 parcel lockers have been installed in publicly accessible locations across the town to help reduce the amount of carbon emissions made from last mile deliveries.

In addition to the green credentials of parcel lockers, the residents of Wokingham and nearby workers can now collect and return parcels at times convenient to them, making the whole customer experience better.

Smart parcel lockers are being introduced in many urban areas throughout the UK to support the growth in online sales and to reduce the amount of delivery vehicle journeys being made. Each smart parcel locker is configured with several doors that accepts parcels from agreed retailers and parcel carriers.

Danny Hassett, Flowbird’s Managing Director Smart City UK, commented:

As UK e-commerce is set to account for 32% of all retail purchases by 2024, delivery lockers are essential in reducing traffic congestion and CO2 emissions. We are confident that the installation of these last mile delivery hubs will be of great benefit to Wokingham’s residents and visitors.

Councillor Paul Fishwick, Executive Member for Active Travel, Transport and Highways at Wokingham Borough Council, said:

We want to be able to empower more people to make environmentally sound choices. The CO² savings from just one parcel locker is evidence of how the changes that we all make as individuals contributes to a much larger outcome collectively. The locations of the lockers have been strategically chosen to make them accessible for people whilst out and about, or within walking and cycling distance, meaning shoppers don’t need to use a car to collect their packages.

According to InPost, a parcel locker generates 66% less CO² than delivering a parcel directly to a home in urban areas. These reductions are even higher in rural areas, where it reaches 90%. In total, 14 Tons of CO² is reduced annually by one Parcel Locker. It’s as if it did the job of 2,000 pine trees converting CO² into oxygen.

Infinium Logistics Solutions has managed the entire locker programme for Wokingham Borough Council. Jonathan White, Channel Director commented:

Flowbird Smart City UK introduced us to the council after our partnership was announced earlier this year, with an aim to add additional value to councils and local authorities. The team at Infinium carried out a quality assessment on all the councils parking areas and worked with the council together with InPost and Amazon to implement a plan to survey and install the lockers. As time progresses, we will also look to add additional sites based on the usage of the installed parcel lockers and look to introduce other locker types when the need arises in the Wokingham area. Parcel lockers are to become a significant part of the ecommerce and parcel carrier sustainability model. With the continued growth in online sales, carriers cannot continue to deliver every parcel to a home address or visit a home to collect a return.

Wokingham Borough Council Completes Parcel Locker Roll Out

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