Harrow London Borough Council

On-street Pay and Display parking solution enabling Harrow Council to implement a forced rotation scheme

Harrow London Borough Council is a borough located in north-west London with a population of 215,000. One of Harrow Council’s objectives for public parking areas was that, “on-street spaces should have a short free period to allow parking in support of local facilities – i.e. trips to health centre, local shops etc. This period is likely to be one or two hours.”

Flowbird solution

The council wanted to boost the town centre economy, increasing visitors to town centre shops and businesses. Flowbird developed an integrated on-street pay and display parking solution that allowed Harrow Council to implement, control and manage a forced rotation scheme of available parking spaces in the town centre.

A combination of Strada Evolution coin-only payment terminals and the Parkfolio centralised management system allowed drivers to enter their registration plate details to qualify for 20 minutes’ free parking, or choose to pay for an extended period. A total of 112 Parkeon Strada terminals were delivered and installed over a 3-month period.


  • A substantial improvement in on-street parking space availability and a consequent increase in visitors to the town centre
  • Increased utilisation of available town centre parking spaces
  • Footfall increase in shops and businesses within the town centre
  • A boost to local traders and out-of-town shopping centres
  • Future proofed parking terminals

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