Flowbird stores and protects your data with our cloud-based Central System service hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, accessed using any commonly available web browser.


Through Flowbird Hub, agencies can create, change and delete fare products, adjust fare product pricing, and apply different concessions and prices. Fare changes can be applied immediately or scheduled at a later date. The Flowbird Hub has fare capping capabilities on both both account-based and Open Payment transactions.


Flowbird Hub provides real-time reporting via data and graphs, utilizing GPS locations to further enhance your analysis. Using our analytics and data visualization tools, custom reports can be built to give you a complete view of your system.


  • Cloud Hosted – no need to maintain servers or update software
  • Data available 24/7/365
  • Open architecture platform allows for integration of new hardware and applications
  • Fare Management – Review, change and update tickets and fares
  • Asset Management – Monitor hardware in real-time
  • CRM – View and manage user accounts, transaction history, ticket purchases, etc.
  • Real-time revenue reporting
  • Analytics and data visualization
  • User Management – Manage user access across the Flowbird Hub System


The Flowbird Hub centralizes all of your fare payment and account management devices and applications.  The system gives you complete reporting on all transactions coming from ticket vending machines and mobile apps, and captures all activity at connected validators.

Taking things a step further, the management of an account based ticketing system is simple with Flowbird Hub’s intuitive design.

Modular and Scalable For Future Enhancements

Flowbird Hub has a modular design built around microservices using the latest open standards. Every component of our system incorporates an open API using the JSON/REST method. Components can be modified, improved or added without affecting the rest of the system.

The architecture enables simplified future development and integration efforts with third parties. With Flowbird Hub, you can scale, change, or upgrade at any time in the future.