Monitor the status of all of your Flowbird pay stations and parking meters to keep them running smoothly.  Alerts and alarms are communicated in real-time, allowing your team to respond quickly.


All data collected from Flowbird devices and mobile apps is time-stamped and recorded in the back-office management suite for your analysis.  Data can be filtered in various ways (date range, location, etc.) to help you make critical decisions.


Have a special event coming up?  Want to see the effect of a rate change in a specific location?  Configure new rates and messages and remotely download them to your Flowbird pay stations from the back-office.


The Flowbird back-office management suite integrates with other platforms to help you build the system you want.  Existing APIs allow us to quickly integrate with citation issuance systems, license plate recognition solutions, and 3rd party payments to make your team more efficient and providing consolidated reporting.

We have performed integration projects for hundreds of clients and our team is very experienced in the implementation and long term support of these sophisticated solutions.


Flowbird’s back-office system is the ‘brains’ that make all the supported services accessible throughout the city at any time of the day. Centralized management enables operators to constantly monitor and analyze the performance of their sales infrastructure.

Quickly produce various reports and graphs to analyze your ticket sales or payment methods – all information is gathered together in one system. Reports are tailored to your business and are generated and distributed automatically to predefined recipients, in any format.


Flowbird’s back-office system is designed to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.  The system is password protected and offers varying levels of access.  Data is encrypted when it is transferred from our devices to our servers and then re-encrypted at the server level.

Flowbird works continuously to ensure security and efficiency throughout the entire company and is PCI Level 1 certified and holds ISO certification.  We host our data in secure, redundant data centers, monitored 24/7.


No need to maintain servers or update software

Mappable statistics with color-coded indicators for easy analysis

Fully responsive web-based presentation for multi-device viewing

Events and alarms sent directly to mobile devices

Data available 24/7/365

Remote downloads of rates, messages and ticket layouts

Easy to compare past and current data for trend analysis

Integrates with 3rd party enforcement and payment solutions