The Strada StreetSmart TVM is a world-class, compact transit pay station offering unmatched deployment flexibility and cost savings.  It is the perfect choice for your off-board fare payment needs, giving users a pleasant and fast experience prior to boarding their bus, train, streetcar or ferry. Customers can also use the TVM to add funds or products to their accounts.


The inherent design of the Strada StreetSmart TVM offers unmatched security with respect to vandalism.  The steel body design, combined with a robust locking system, means that your cash is safely protected.  Tilt and impact sensors along with open door detection are additional security features.


Strada StreetSmart TVM products and fares can be changed by agency staff remotely through the FlowbirdHub.  Everything that happens at the TVM is reported to the Flowbird Hub for analysis and reporting purposes.


Through the 9.7” full color touch display, many different products can be sold with a variety of fare types.  The Strada StreetSmart TVM utilizes a customizable shopping cart style transaction flow, making it easy for the rider to quickly buy their tickets and get on board.


Built to perform in any environment, you can install the Strada StreetSmart TVM outdoors or indoors, no shelter needed.  The TVM communicates through 4G LTE wireless communications or through Ethernet, giving you tremendous flexibility with machine placement.  While AC power is recommended to keep the main battery charged, solar is an option for lower use areas, depending on your preferred configuration.


Dimensions: 61.5 in x 16.9 in x 11.4 in

(smaller body design available depending on configuration)

9.7’’ color touchscreen

Weight: 310 lbs fully assembled

Operating temperature range: ‐15°F to 131°F

Payment methods – Coins, Bills, Credit/Debit Cards, Contactless/NFC

4G or Ethernet communications

Audio speaker for tones or voice messages

Anti-corrosive steel