Keep traffic flowing!  With an ungated approach, parkers can just drive in, park, pay, and leave.  No waiting for the car in front of you to pay, or for the gate to open.

  • Pay by Plate, Pay by Space, or Pay & Display are all possible gateless configurations

  • Payment can be made at Flowbird pay stations or through the Flowbird mobile app

  • Pre-payment or post-payment is possible depending on the configuration

  • Enforcement can be done in a variety of ways: fixed LPR, mobile LPR, or on-foot


Whether you want to charge for hourly parking or a simple daily rate, Flowbird’s cloud-based gated solution is a very cost-effective choice for your parking operation.

  • Our equipment interfaces with existing barriers or we can supply you with a new gated system

  • QR code or LPR based options with real-time connection to our secure data center

  • Payment can be made at entry, exit, or in the lot/garage

  • Digital parking validations are managed through our web-based back-office suite


Reduce the number of vehicles searching for on-street parking by offering a convenient way to park off-street.  The Flowbird app features a reservations module that allows users to search for parking lots and garages based on location or by a calendar of events, and pre-book their parking stay.  No more circling the block for parking – motorists head straight for their chosen parking facility, scan their QR code at the entrance, and enjoy their time in the city!