A Cloud-Based Off-Street Parking Experience

FlowbirdGO is a dynamic off-street system giving operators the flexibility to manage parking in gated and ungated garages and lots. Built with advanced technology integrations, the FlowbirdGO system offers unique insights into clients’ parking facilities, delivering a simple yet dynamic solution with enhanced results. FlowbirdGO is a fully cloud-based solution, meaning there is no need for an on-site server, saving both time and unnecessary costs

Smart & Dynamic

  • Fully configurable touch-screen interface

  • Dynamic user management

  • LED signals to communicate open/close availability

  • Built-in input/output barrier control or LPR option

  • Built-in LAN network for reliability and cost efficiency

  • Secure device, data and system integration

Data-Driven Operations

Your operation runs in real time, so should your technology. The Flowbird GO back-office solution allows for in-depth data analysis to better understand the needs of your city. All payment transactions are stored in a central cloud-based location – your complete data management solution.

  • Real-time equipment health reporting

  • Third-party integration

  • Remote rate and message changes


Built with enhanced technology integrations, the Flowbird GO system offers unique insights into your parking facility, delivering a simple yet dynamic solution with advanced results.


Flowbird Go takes into account many use cases that are specific to parking facilities, and the need for excellent customer service for new visitors, frequent parkers, local merchants and employees. Our goal is to give your customers a simple, fast, and stress-free parking experience.


Dashboard allows municipalities, universities, airports, parking operators, and owners to control, manage, and monitor all their facilities from a central command center.