The Strada Pay Station combines ergonomics, robustness, scalability, high connectivity and customization capabilities to create a one-of-a-kind user experience. It supports the most recent innovations, including the first integrated Chip & PIN/contactless card readers for unattended terminals. Combining processing speed, power, autonomy, reliability, and security, Flowbird’s cloud-based platform enables the Strada to support a wide range of innovations in terms of functionality.


The Strada Pay Station offers the best technology for energy savings and communication efficiency. It is specifically designed to minimize the power draw of each component and reduce environmental impact.


A compact structure provides housing and cash protection for unattended environments. The unit has an anti-theft system with clamping nuts, double-walled cashbox with shieldings, attack detection, and more.


The power of cloud-computing : Strada can be controlled by Flowbird’s cloud system, enabling easy and quick creation and deployment of a wide range of added-value online services without personnel having to go into the field.


The wide full color-screen makes all the difference, displaying animated pictures, text and dynamic menus to guide transactions. Strada becomes an efficient information channel.

The extended capacity keyboard increases functionality, facilitates quick and easy entry of any alpha or alpha-numeric numbers (e.g. license plate numbers), handles validation codes, and allows users to navigate through menus to view local information or advertisements, select services and print-out coupons.


Strada offers a range of imaginative sales and information services to support local businesses and make people’s lives easier, in color, 24/7. Strada can display maps, timetables, a ‘what’s on’ guide, advertising, promotions from local businesses, and emergency contacts. Strada provides real-time information to parking users and public transit customers.


Anti-corrosive steel

7” color screen

Size: (HxWxD) 65.9″ x 18.7″ x 14.9″

Capacitive keyboard

Weight: 198 lbs

Solar or AC Powered

Temperature: -4°F to 131°F

4G modem

EN 12414 / CE marking

More than 95 % recyclable (ISO 22628)


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