Pensacola Makes Waves with Flowbird’s Pay-by-Text Solution

Flowbird is thrilled to celebrate the success of the City of Pensacola and their remarkable milestone of 20,000 Pay-by-Text transactions! In just a few short months, the City clocked this impressive achievement by combining their efforts to implement convenient parking solutions for all customers, while prioritizing effective communication to encourage adoption and compliance. With each seamless payment made, ParkPensacola is redefining convenience for the residents and visitors of this beautiful community.

In January of this year, the City of Pensacola worked with Flowbird to incorporate their innovative new Pay-by-Text solution. The City implemented this solution to complement their existing parking system which includes Flowbird smart pay stations and the ParkPensacola Mobile Payment App, powered by the Flowbird Mobile App. Flowbird’s Pay-by-Text is an easy-to-use web-based solution allowing drivers to pay for their parking session directly from their phone without creating an account or downloading an app.

The solution offers the utmost convenience for users who prefer an alternative to downloading an app. Once parked, customers will find clear instructions on how to pay-by-text conveniently displayed on a sign at their chosen parking area. To begin, users simply text ParkPNS along with their zone number to 727563. Within moments, they receive a secure link that leads them to input their parking details and payment information. Once submitted, users receive a confirmation text, officially starting their parking session and enabling them to continue their journey hassle-free. Parking enforcement personnel also receive this information to verify their compliance.

Flowbird’s Pay-by-Text solution is PCI-DSS certified. This provides parkers with the assurance that their data is protected. It is also encrypted once the parking session is complete, and card data is not stored.

This integration by the City of Pensacola provides their customers with an even more diverse array of payment options. There truly is something for everyone including on-foot parking kiosks, the mobile payment app, and now Pay-by-Text. Offering multiple payment options helps motorists stay in compliance with parking enforcement, reducing the number of citations.

The Pay-by-Text solution delivers real-time parking utilization to City parking management staff where it is integrated with other payment methods. Using the combined data, parking staff can analyze comprehensive parking activity information including parking activity by zone, by date, by time of day, and more, helping them make informed decisions for future parking plans.

“We are very excited about the success of Pay-by-Text in our community,” said Lissa Dees, Parking Director for City of Pensacola Parking Management, “The addition of this features gives our residents and visitors even more convenience when they park in our City.”

“Flowbird is thrilled to celebrate Pensacola’s remarkable achievement of reaching 20,000 Pay-by-Text transactions in just a few short months,” said Benoit Reliquet, President of Flowbird North America, “This milestone reflects the successful collaboration between the City and Flowbird in implementing convenient and innovative parking solutions that prioritize the needs of all customers.”