Flight travel often comes with its share of stressful situations. Potential trip interruptions range from schedule delays to lost luggage, and everything in between. Parking should not be on the list of stressors. Instead, it should offer a consistent, efficient, and convenient experience for all travelers.

In 2020, Provo Municipal Airport (PVU) in Provo, Utah partnered with Flowbird to integrate a gated parking solution at its new approximately 1,100-space surface parking lot. The new lot was part of a significant expansion project, including over 70,000 square feet of new terminal space and four passenger loading gates.

PVU is Utah’s second busiest airport. In 2022, the airport averaged around 10 flights per day. In 2023, that number is expected to increase to 24 flights per day. The parking lot is an essential component to accommodating such a significant increase in activity, including serving the more than 400,000 (and counting) passengers traveling through each year.

The goal of the off-street parking technology project was to offer a more comfortable and streamlined parking experience for customers. In addition, the airport needed a solution to track its off-street parking activity, implementing an enhanced paid parking program to finance future projects and reduce labor costs

Provo Airport Flowbird Go

To meet the airport’s needs, Flowbird integrated its Flowbird GO solution. This included the addition of several new features to the parking lot and airport facility such as:

  • Gate system and ticket dispenser at the three parking entrances.
  • Pay station and gate at the three parking exits.
  • One payment kiosk inside the terminal.
  • Vehicle detection loops for entry and exits.

This combination of solutions met the specific goal to provide travelers with the most convenient and seamless parking and payment process possible. It successfully facilitates a quick arrival, the ability to pay within the terminal, and a smooth exit – fundamental to creating the most pleasant experience for drivers.

The airport now also utilizes Flowbird’s elite reporting system to enable them to effectively track occupancy and increase revenues. The Flowbird GO back-office solution allows for in-depth data analysis to better understand their needs and make crucial decisions for the future. All payment transactions are stored in a central cloud-based location for a comprehensive data management solution.

Since the integration of Flowbird GO, Provo Airport has seen a steady increase in paid parking transactions over the course of just a few months. Previously, PVU had no way of knowing how long a vehicle had been parked in their parking areas. They have since seen a significant increase in paid occupancy, allowing them to collect previously uncaptured revenues. This also puts traveler minds at ease in the event of a late or after-hours flight. They can simply pay in the terminal or at the exit and quickly depart the parking lot.

According to Flowbird Project Director William Johannsen, “The Flowbird Go Parking System Project at the Provo Airport is an overall success. The new parking system offers a safe, secure, and extremely convenient place for the patrons of the Provo Airport to park their car while they travel. The team at the City of Provo helped make this project a great achievement and we at Flowbird are thankful for this opportunity. We look forward to many years of success and supporting the City and Airport by providing solutions to any parking challenges.”

Flowbird GO offers a fully cloud-based, off-street parking experience while delivering enhanced service to customers. Flowbird GO is designed to provide simple, fast, and stress-free parking. The solution allows owners and operators to deliver the highest level of customer service and convenience at all their gated parking facilities. Learn more about Flowbird GO and contact us to discuss how this solution can transform your off-street gated facilities.