Parking Operations Big and Small

Parking terminals are often the direct link between a motorist and a parking system. They need to be tough, reliable, and easy to use. Flowbird pay stations withstand virtually any environment, while being fully customizable and built with the future in mind.

Today, technology plays a key role in everyone’s daily life. City residents are often at the forefront of the digital revolution, expecting more fluidity and personalized services. For city authorities, much is at stake. They need to publicize and enforce their mobility policies, while also providing services to their citizens for integration, synergy and ongoing solutions. As the true hub of expertise in all these fields, Flowbird has designed StreetSmart for an elite user interface.


Flowbird payment terminals can process a customized range of payment methods, from cash to contactless. You choose!


Technology changes fast and when it does, Flowbird is ready with its innovative retrofit kit to upgrade your parking terminal.


Every pay station adheres to the latest security standards, including PCI DSS, EMV certified, ISO and ISAE compliance.


Since 1995, Flowbird has been committed to solar energy which has become the flagship power supply of its solutions. It is a natural, reliable, profitable, and environmentally-friendly choice. From the initial steps of the design phase, Flowbird assesses the environmental impact of its solutions. Using their own multi-criteria measurement tools, the R&D teams, supported by an eco-design engineer, are able to closely examine the development process with a goal to limit any environmental impacts throughout the product lifetime.


All the technology integrated into the device is of the latest generation: processor, 4G modem, ability to broadcast HR video (with sound, via a headphone jack), optical barcode/QR code reader, etc. Offering the reliability that has made Flowbird products so successful for 50 years. The StreetSmart terminal is independent, solar powered and capitalises on some components that it shares with the current line of Flowbird terminals.