Simplify multimodal travel with passenger-focused solutions

Our technology supports efficient management of transport networks and simplifies ticketing and payments. Together, we can create smarter transport systems people want to use.

Better fare payment experiences

Putting passengers first

Transport operators and agencies around the world partner with Flowbird to make journeys easier, safer and faster. With our back office, smart ticketing devices and payment services, we help our customers to drive operational efficiency and create better passenger experiences.

Back-office and management

Take remote control of your multimodal transport network using CloudFare®, our transport back office and management platform. Integrated with ticketing devices, it offers intuitive modules for estate management, fares and topology configuration, and account-based ticketing.


CloudFare® is a comprehensive transport back office and management platform:

  • Organise, monitor and manage your transport network in real-time
  • Assign permissions to each account user to control access
  • Choose from a selection of modules to customise your platform
  • Build network topology, defining stops, routes, services and zones
  • Manage open and closed loop ABT, card and paper based ticketing
  • Configure travel products, fare structures, fare caps and concessions
  • Monitor the operational status of devices and manage remotely
  • Drive service improvement by tracking real-time schedule adherence
  • Customise a dashboard to assemble key metrics in one place
  • Use analytics and reporting tools to create actionable insights
  • Extract useful data to visualise using business intelligence software

Account-based ticketing

Account-based ticketing allows a ‘token’ linked to an account in a transport back office to be tapped or scanned on a validator to get on board. Any fare caps configured in the back office are automatically applied. Passengers can trust they always pay the best available fare.


Use the account-based ticketing module in our CloudFare® back office to manage open payments alongside closed-loop payments within the same infrastructure.

  • Accept closed loop smartcards and open loop bank cards and devices (cEMV)
  • Extend multi-token acceptance to mobile wallets and QR codes
  • Guarantee best value for journeys with automatic fare capping 
  • Remove the need for passengers to understand ticket structures
  • Offer the convenient cEMV tap-to-pay experience used in retail
  • Collect valuable data to inform passenger-focused services

Fare payments

Accept contactless EMV, closed-loop transit smartcard, mobile and online payments using our cloud-based payment platform. PCI DSS compliant, it meets the requirements of card schemes’ rules for transit, providing a secure environment for end-to-end payments.


Work with a specialist partner for mobility payment acceptance, processing and collection:
  • Trust our track record – over 350 million transactions a year for 5,000 merchants
  • Switch on open payment capability through our multiple acquirer connections
  • Guarantee the highest level of security with our PCI DSS compliant platform
  • Leverage our transport-ready integrations with major card schemes
  • Connect any payment device or application using simple APIs and SDKs
  • Accept all payments: cash, card, mobile wallet, open payment, closed-loop
  • Unify multimodal payments across PAYG, and pre-pay mobile and web channels

Smart ticketing devices

Set the standard for passenger experience with our on- and off-vehicle smart ticketing devices. Our validators, driver consoles, ticket vending machines and multi-service kiosks empower passengers to start journeys with confidence.


We are a leading ticketing hardware supplier with a reputation for quality.

  • Enjoy hassle-free hardware, designed for ease of use and maintenance
  • Durable build minimises the downtime caused by vandalism and theft
  • Protect against card fraud with PCI PTS security built-in as standard
  • Accept open payments with EMV L1/L2 certified contactless readers
  • Support card-based ticketing, including EMV, Calypso, ITSO and Mifare
  • Meet accessibility needs with touch screens and audio/video assistance

Service delivery

Our specialist service delivery and support teams are on a mission to maximise system uptime. They safeguard continuity through preventative maintenance and fully managed and hosted support services. 


Flowbird supports the smooth running and maintenance of transport infrastructure:

  • Every box is ticked with our comprehensive SLAs
  • Quality service, aligned to industry-standard ITIL best practices
  • Global service desk for raising tickets and monitoring progress
  • Team of field service engineers for fast, effective incident response
  • Repair centre and spare parts catalogue extends lifespan of hardware
  • Customer portal enables easy communication and feedback