SafeT is our ‘no-touch, low-touch’ technology platform designed to help TOCs safeguard the health of their customers.

We’re bring together two unique ticket terminal technologies, enhanced by contactless payments and field-based COVID-Secure support, to help operators manage passenger transactions safely at self-service terminals.


Flowbird’s IRIS system connects passengers directly with customer service teams via an integrated ticket terminal screen. Staff talk face-to-face with customers, share journey planning and fares information, and guide users up to the point of purchase. Just one touch on the video request button is all it takes. Our touchscreen technology also functions perfectly should passengers choose to wear gloves.


Our new self-service terminal hand sanitiser is automatically activated by a successful ticketing transaction, with a pre-defined dose of gel triggered by a hand movement sensor.


With higher contactless payment limits, our bank card, mobile and account-based payment and top-up terminal modules, and cloud-based architectures, combine safety, security and convenience for passengers 24/7.


Our field engineers continue to support operators around the world with essential sanitising regimes for terminals and associated technologies.

Download our SafeT data sheet. For more information contact our sales team on 01202 339339 or via email