A great strategic win in Hamburg

We are very pleased to report a great strategic win at the end of the year!

In 2019 the German Flowbird subsidiary won a tender issued by the city of Hamburg for 920 parking meters for different areas incl. full maintenance. Through precise coordination and planning between the cities staff and our project team we were able to ship and install almost all units until the end of the year.

Two years later in mid-2021 Hamburg published a new tender, this time for up to 2530 parking meters to be delivered over the course of three years. Again, Flowbird Germany was awarded to carry out the order and the first units are expected to be shiped before the end of this year. The new installment in the biggest city of northern German will consist of the Strada EVO2 and 3rd Generation machines.

This will increase the installed base, maintained by Flowbird Germany, to about 3500 units – making it to one of the biggest installed bases in Germany, next to Berlin and Cologne – a great achievement, which of course comes with its very own challenges!

Also: In our efforts to modernize the parking infrastructure all machines will be fitted with electronic payment options, some will even be completely cashless, accepting only NFC and card payments, extending the service for the parking customers and eliminating the need to collect the heavy load of coins from each station, cutting costs and worktime for the city – Win-Win!

The new project will also include full maintenance. To ensure the most efficient and quick service a local team will troubleshoot, clean, refill and maintain all units.


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