Take 5… benefits of Mobility-as-a-Service for cities

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) digital platforms are driving a new way of connecting urban populations with multimodal transport networks and a wider marketplace of services.

Unlock the city with Flowbird’s white label MaaS app 

Our white label MaaS app helps cities to unlock their full potential. With a single sign-on account for journey planning, booking and paying for transport and mobility services, and getting tickets for local attractions, it’s easier than ever before to plan and pay for travel and other experiences.

Find out more about how MaaS apps, and the simple user-experience they create, can benefit cities and regions in our latest Take 5 feature.

Top 5 city authority benefits of MaaS

  1. Optimise mobility strategy

Flowbird’s MaaS solution connects private and public transport and mobility services through a single sign-on app. The hosted platform delivers insights into how people navigate urban spaces, helping to inform mobility strategies to meet environmental, social and commercial goals.

  1. Transform user experience

MaaS joins up access to multimodal transport networks, making it easier for people to plan and pay for travel and explore the city. Each user account opens up a real-time environment to access journey planning and individual transport preferences and a host of connected services.

  1. Build a MaaS connected marketplace

Our MaaS app goes beyond mobility. Cities can scale-up their mobile offer by building a marketplace of public and private services and attractions. Open, secure APIs and SDKs allow easy integrations with ticket sales for cultural and tourist events.

  1. Incentivise modal shift

Flowbird’s MaaS platform generates valuable, privacy policy compliant data on user behaviour, which informs development of products and services to drive desired outcomes. For example, cities can test and monitor new travel products aimed at incentivising a shift to sustainable transport.

  1. Gain kudos with a customised solution

Our white-label MaaS app can be easily tailored for each operator or city, as in Monaco where it is branded as ‘Monapass’. The Principality of Monaco uses the app to integrate transport ticketing with booking shared mobility services, and buying tickets for attractions like its museum. It enables new revenue streams by providing a scalable, secure marketplace for travel and leisure services.

Whatever the city’s needs, Flowbird’s MaaS platform, enabled by open payments and an account based ticketing back office, helps to create a people-centric, customer-responsive and sustainable urban space. To explore the benefits of MaaS for your city, get in touch.

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