Smart Transport Ticketing: Benefits for Operators and Passengers

Making first impressions count

With billions of mass transit journeys each year beginning with a ticket purchase, the point of sale experience is an opportunity to make first impressions count! 

Making ticketing effortless removes the first barrier to public transport use. Self-service ticketing machines and smart devices are evolving to optimise passenger experience, and Flowbird is ahead of the curve.

Here we showcase some of the ways in which our ticketing hardware brings value to operators and passengers.

Flowbird self-service ticket vending machines
Self-service ticketing & information hubs

7 Show-stopping Benefits of Flowbird's Smart Ticketing Devices

Flowbird multi-token validators
Flowbird's multi-token validators

1. Effortless user experience

Flowbird’s multi-channel validators, touchscreen devices and driver consoles meet every transport ticketing need. Our platform and on-vehicle validators (Axio, Axio 4 and OPR) accept smartcard and bank card taps, enabling access to transit networks at superfast speed! 

Our self-service terminals (Astreo, Galexio and RetailPanel) feature intuitive interfaces for in-person ticket purchases. In addition, they can supply real-time travel information and on-demand virtual assistance. Especially valuable in unattended locations, they provide support in the right place, at the right time.

2. Multiple payment methods

Our smart ticketing devices democratise access to public transport networks by accepting multiple travel tokens in addition to cash. They can be configured to accept taps from cEMV cards or devices, and physical or digital closed loop transit smart cards (including Calypso, ITSO and Mifare). They can also be used to validate e-tickets using an integrated QR code scanner and accept payment by digitised cash via an app.

3. Accessibility

Flowbird’s transport ticketing devices are designed with accessibility as a core principle. For example, our RetailPanel ticket vending machines feature a large touchscreen that can switch from advertising to retailing mode as customers approach. Its adjustable window makes it easy for wheelchair users to interact. Our open platform can be integrated with rail industry and other data feeds to display passenger information, while our on-demand IRIS® video assistance service offers live support from a customer service professional.

Flowbird QR code scanner on multi-token validator
An integrated QR code scanner validates m-tickets

4. Robust performance

Whether it’s onboard, on-platform or positioned in unattended locations, our transport ticketing hardware delivers reliable, round-the-clock performance. Casings are manufactured from ultra-durable steel or reinforced, anodised aluminium. With zinc plating and powder coating, they are treated to protect from corrosion, graffiti and UV damage. With over 60 years of manufacturing equipment for parking and transport, Flowbird is an expert in delivering technology that looks great and functions optimally for the long-term.

5. Security and compliance

Anti-fraud systems come as standard. PCI certified payment readers typically accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Diners, Discover, Union Pay, Carte Bancaire. They are accredited to ISO 14443 A, B, B’ standards,  supporting ITSO, Calypso, Mifare and local schemes. Additionally, onboard devices comply with Railways Standards. Transport operators benefit from fast, reliable and secure processing for all closed loop smartcards, contactless bank cards, QR codes and NFC media.

6. Flexible and future-proof

Flowbird can deliver a complete transport ticketing ecosystem, including devices, back office and open payments. Alternatively, we can supply hardware only, which can be integrated simply with other systems. For operators choosing the holistic solution, our CloudFare® back office enables the remote control of transport networks. Modules available include estate management, fares and topology, and account-based ticketing. Rules can be configured and rolled-out to ticketing estates quickly and easily.

7. Maximum uptime

Our network of specialist engineers provides 24/7 hardware and software support, and we’re proud to deliver SLAs with 99.9% uptimes. Each device is built on common, open standards, so maintenance and over-the-air upgrades are straightforward – consolidating return on investment, year after year.

Innovation never takes a rest day at Flowbird. With a productive feedback loop from customers, we’re continually evolving software features and functionality. Our public transport operator and agency customers automatically benefit from  incremental upgrades. Find out more about our transport ticketing infrastructure. 


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