Coming soon to Perth: ‘tap to ride’ with your bank card or device

A new tap-to-ride experience is coming to Perth

Western Australia’s Transport Minister Rita Saffioti got to test out new EMV-capable validators, supplied by Flowbird, on Perth’s transport network last week. 

At an event to mark the first installation of these devices, Ms. Saffioti commented that the technology would encourage more use of public transport – including buses, trains and ferries – particularly by occasional users and tourists. 

The introduction of Flowbird’s next generation Axio 4 validators, customised for Transperth, is the initial phase of a major upgrade to the SmartRider system. Eventually, more than 4,500 devices on the network will be replaced.

When the upgrade is complete, Perth’s two million residents and more than four million visitors a year will be able to tap-to-ride using their bank card or device. They won’t need to pay in advance or use a SmartRider card.

Western Australia’s Transport Minister Rita Saffioti uses the 'tap to ride' system, tapping on a Flowbird Axio 4 validator with a card
Transport Minister Rita Saffioti taps on an Axio 4 validator

Continued partnership to answer every ticketing need

David Thompson, Managing Director of Flowbird Transport, says, “The universally recognised ‘tap to pay’ experience makes public transport accessible to more people by removing the barrier of understanding the local ticketing system.

“We’re honoured to continue our long relationship with Transperth, as their technology partner for this groundbreaking upgrade to the SmartRider system.

“Our validators and CloudFare ABT back office will provide a comprehensive solution for managing both the SmartRider closed-loop smartcard system and open-loop payments. With the two systems co-existing, Perth will cater for every ticketing need, and all passengers’ payment preferences.” 

Flowbird has been a technology partner for the Perth PTA since the 1980s and was responsible for creating the multimodal SmartRider Tag On, Tag Off ticketing system. The upgrade project continues to support SmartRider cards, while also enabling the introduction of EMV open payments. Flowbird’s CloudFare back office will be introduced to facilitate the management of the new system and devices. 

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